About Nitin Profile
From a very young age Nitin Agarwal showed interest in joining his fathers’ business. He followed in his footsteps and succeeded in making his own dominant identity in the field. Mr. Shyam Agarwal could have showered his son with knowledge in running the family business thus enabling him to achieve heights with ease but he didn’t. Instead he made his son understand the value and tried to share his ideologies with him. All this to enable his son to stand on his own feet and reach the same heights of success as himself.

Today Nitin Agarwal has setup his own empire due to his positive attitude and his family ideologies. Much like his father he faces the challenges put in front of him by life bravely. He has truly risen in his fathers’ eyes and has become an inspiration himself or many.

His ideologies combined with his young and enthusiastic attitude helped him earn a respectable name and maintain an image of his own in the community and the society. The lessons learnt in life and the challenges he has faced help him stand in the face of a new challenge with ease and comfort.
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