About Shyam Profile

He is the President of Vaishya Samaj, Jodhpur committed to upbringing & increasing Popularity of Vaishya Samaj.

He has decades of business experience and has maintained trust worthiness and a good image in his community & business circle. His high level of reputation and past glory combined with his brave and straight forward attitude made a huge success.

There are not a lot of things he is afraid of. His self motivated attitude helped him achieve great heights in life. He had no idol in his life but his ideologies which he believes in enabled him to become an inspiration and an Idol to many. Now even at 65 years of age there is no one who can challenge or change his beliefs and ideologies. He says when you are clear about the concepts and believe in your ideologies there is hardly anything you can’t achieve in life. Now even after achieving and winning against all odds he has achieved many goals set by him, proving his competitors and society wrong.

But he was not born in royalty, he had to sacrifice a lot of things had to struggle in his highs and lows to reach where he is today. Be it a challenge to overcome his physical accidents with his mental strengths or bearing the responsibilities of a father by taking care of his daughters or to teach his son the values of life and giving him an opportunity or teaching him how to face life alone and take on any challenge without being afraid. Like many entrepreneurs there too have been many highs and lows in his life but the difficulties and negative energy could not stay for long due to his brave nature and positive attitude.

Only intellectuals like him can testify on the challenges of Destiny. One has to struggle a lot and set their personal comforts aside to achieve a bigger picture for the greater good. People around him thank him for the support and advice he has offered them with. They have nothing but praises and smiles on their faces whenever his name comes up.

Today after having achieved all he could and taken care of all the responsibilities as a son a husband and a father when he should lay back in ease when he should enjoy and cherish each moment of his life with his near and dear ones, he still puts himself in a difficult scenario all alone by himself as if to challenge destiny and emerge as a winner as always.

One can feel that there are many things in his life today, which as per us or the society need to be changed, but we know that it was this thinking and attitude which made him an inspiration and we can only hope that one day we can also think and act the way he does.

His selfless attitude is the reason people in his community worship and respects him. He never differentiated amongst people and always helped the one in need.

We can only hope to think or act the way he does as he has always been and always will be a hero in our lives.

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