Petrol Pumps

We at Agarwal Bulk Carriers have an experience of 28 years in the field of Bulk Transportation of LPG, Bitumen and POL. Being in the business for such a long time, we have learnt that In order to keep our fleet running 24/7 we have to ensure that the best quality diesel is put into them in the correct quantity. To implement this we started a Diesel supply pump 8 years ago. Supplying diesel to our pump from our own diesel supply vehicles guarantees that the correct quality of diesel is put into our vehicles and there are no instances of pilferage or shortages. Thus ensuring “Quality and Quantity”.

We maintain the diesel stocks on a daily basis at all our pumps to meet the customers’ demands. Apart from quality diesel a variety of facilities are also provided to anyone who visits our pumps. We also offer loyalty programs to all our customers to be a part of our most valued and competitive reward programs. These range from priority treatment to freebies.

For our transporter friends:
We have an option of setting up credit facilities on a 15-day billing cycle and also cash/card options. We also have the option to accept various cards along with HP drive cards.Resting facility for your drivers with food/water options. Cemented driveway and a safe enclosed parking space, which ensures the safety of your vehicles.Well lit environment.


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