We at Agarwal Bulk Carriers have been in the business of bulk transportation of Petroleum products for almost 3 decades. We have been transporting LPG, Bitumen, POL for major Oil Companies and have executed each job with precision and ease. Thanks to our expert staff and cabin crew who makes the whole process of transferring, management and accounting look like a piece of cake.

We have a fleet of over 160 TT’s with more to come. We make it a point to supply quality diesel in all our vehicles (from our own pumps) and our qualified mechanics perform quality maintenance in all the vehicles which ensure that our entire fleet is up and running at any given point. The positive customer reviews received by us from major oil and construction companies have one thing in common “ Their trustworthy and hardworking attitude is an inspiration for us and makes us come back to them”, “ They performed each of our jobs with expertise and excellence, they deliver what they promise, we look forward to building a profitable and long lasting relationship with them”, “ Their staff ensures that there are no gaps in communication and are ever cooperative, which makes us comfortable in seeking their services”.These customer reviews are from major oil companies who have seeked our services in the past.

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